Providing exceptional service to each and every passenger through our passenger services.


airport ticketing

Our airport ticketing services include a full range of customer service duties. From handling ticket reservations to cancellations and alterations. Providing friendly service and warm greetings, answering any enquiry you may have.



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arrival and transfer services

From fast clearance for baggage collection and immigration, arrivals and transfers couldn't get any easier. We ensure that your passage through the airport will be quick, smooth, and swift. Through our friendly staff, travel comfortably and safely to your end destination with no worries.



check-in services

We aim to make your travel experience as smooth as possible. With our check-in service that is able to meet any passenger needs, be it seating, enquiries or any information to help them reach  their destination. To ensure a safe journey, our agents issues a boarding pass, checks any luggage you may have and ensure that valid documents needed to comply with immigration requirements are current.



passenger assistance

Our dedicated passenger services team will make your journey less stressful when traveling. Trained in customer service, your contact will provide you with the quality service you expect. They will offer their assistance when needed from enquires about flight schedules, translating a language and any other passenger assistance services.



gate services

Our gate services provides comfortable navigation to your continuing flight, taking everything off your hands and freeing you from worrying about anything. This exceptional service takes care of all the required checks, luggage and managing your boarding pass and passport to prepare you for your onward flight.


lost and found

If your luggage or any other item has been lost , it would have been handed in to our lost and found area for safekeeping until claimed. Any loss must be reported immediately so we can instigate our procedures for locating the item.


station representation & supervision

Our station representation and supervision services ensures a smooth airline operation by means of any ground operation coordination, full support services to passengers, monitoring of flight handling, ramp activities and any important preparation of documents, filing, statistics or reports related to flights.

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vip services

Travel in luxury and tranquility with quality service to enjoy your flight comfortably. Send a request to our team to get a quote for your trip, giving full details of your trip.

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irop services

Through our irregular operational services, even through delays, cancellations and any other disruptions to flight schedules. Our team is prepared and helps optimizing the recovery of the aircraft, crew and passenger schedule quickly and efficiently.


crew assistance

We have special quality representatives to help with any service needed. Through our service, a representative will assist with airside transportation, baggage handling , customs, hotel check-in, air ticketing and any other needed requirements.